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Is it essential to know about carpet flooring textures?

Monday, February 21, 2022 5:10 AM

Texture and style go hand-in-hand. Some carpeting is better for specific installations than others. The style/texture may be more durable, require more care, or be better suited for high or low traffic rooms.

Carpet 101: How it begins

They all start as a looped pile where uncut fibers are attached to the backing. Examples would be the Berber or level loop styles. Both are highly durable.

The uncut fibers are also cut into piles of various heights. For example, the essential soft surface floor covering is a cut-pile, where short fibers are sheared into equal lengths. As a result, it has a kind of fuzzy look and can work in any level of foot traffic.

High, low, and medium carpet piles

Saxony Straight (or Plush) is a medium pile height with a soft, velvety feeling. This carpet is elegant, but any plush texture shows footprints and vacuum marks.

It's best for low-traffic floors. However, Saxony Texture (or Tackless) has yarns that go in all directions, hiding any marks. So it's fine in any room.

Other textures include:

You'll see textured patterns, shags, loops, Berbers, and more at our Colorado Springs carpet store. Then, we'll guide you to the right one.

1. Shag is a high pile rug that requires extra cleaning care.

2. Frieze has longish fibers that twist so tightly they curl.

3. Low pile rugs are soft, fashionable, easier to clean, and more durable.

4. Cut and loop fibers of various lengths create patterns such as pin dots, geometrics, or sculpted marble effects.

A high quality, stress-free flooring experience

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